Bulk Excavation and Foundation Installers in Tonbridge
Bridges and Road Groundworks

When building roads or bridges there are important steps that need to be completed before construction can begin. It is vital to get these groundworks are completed by specialists. This is to ensure that the area is prepared correctly. Our groundwork contractors in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas work on the necessary demolition, bulk excavation or drainage repairs and installations. All of these services need to be performed before foundation installers can start their work for bridges or roads. 

We go through all of the processes that need to be completed before construction begins.


The first stage that needs to be completed is the demolition of any structures in the path of the road. Once the road and bridge has been mapped out, we go in and demolish any structure that could get in the way. We use many of our heavy-duty machines to take these down. As we have a Waste Carriers Licence, we are able to remove any of the waste created by this process.

Bulk Excavation

Once demolition is complete, we will begin bulk excavation. Starting with the topsoil and levelling out the area. This is an important part of the process as it could cause roads to be quite bumpy if the excavation isn’t completed correctly. Our groundwork contractors work meticulously to ensure we level out the ground properly for construction. 

We also complete excavation before our foundation installers come in to lay foundations for a bridge. The type of excavation needed for this depends on the type of foundation.


Adequate drainage needs to be installed to ensure no water pools around the foundation or the road. This includes culverts where necessary in Tonbridge and the surrounding areas.  They provide a system to decrease water pooling on the road. If water pools on roads it could lead to hydroplaning and as a consequence accidents. Over time drainage repairs may need to be conducted to ensure the drains work to a high standard. 

When it comes to the foundations for bridges, drainage needs to be considered for the movement of water in the area around it. This provides a system for our foundation installers to work around. It is vital for the drainage to be in place so that the foundations do not get damaged over time.

Bringing it All Together

When it comes to smaller roads our groundwork contractors can also lay the tarmac for you. This is after demolition, bulk excavation and drainage systems are all completed. To give you a durable and smooth road tarmac is a great choice, especially around office parks. Furthermore, if any drains get blocked or damaged, we can come in and perform drainage repairs for you in Tonbridge.

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