Bulk Excavation and Groundwork Contractors in Maidstone
The Groundworks Involved in Construction

Do you know about the groundworks process in construction? If your answer is no, don’t you worry! Many people are unaware of the many services groundwork contractors complete before a building starts to go up. From demolition and bulk excavation, to drainage repairs and driveways, groundworks are a very important part of any build. Foundation installers work on the foundations involved in groundworks. South East Groundworks Ltd offers all of these services in Maidstone and the nearby areas.

As a home builder it would be good for you to understand groundworks, which is why we have produced this guide:

What are Groundworks?

We’ll begin with the basics. We’ve already mentioned that most people don’t know what groundworks are. Well, we can fix that here. 

Groundworks refers to the work completed to prepare the earth for a construction project. A groundworks company, like South East Groundworks Ltd, offers both groundwork contractors and foundation installers. 

This team would do many services to prepare the site, from demolition and bulk excavation to laying pipes for drainage. There are many other services that a groundworks team can provide besides preparing a site before construction in Maidstone. Below is a list of other services that our team provides:

Why is it Important?

It is vital to have strong groundworks when it comes to constructing buildings. The entire weight of the structure will rest on foundation, constructed by expert foundation installers. It is important that these foundations hold the weight of the structure evenly. As such, you should make use of an expert team for your groundworks. With decades of experience, our team can produce high-quality groundworks. This ensures your new build will have strong and lasting foundations. 

Preparing an Existing Site For a New Build

When you want to build on a site that already has structures on it, it is important to demolish these structures safely. Once the demolition is complete our groundwork contractors will come in and provide bulk excavation. This removes building materials and earth, levelling it out and creating trenches for foundation installers to lay the foundations. With an experienced groundworks team, we can perform all of these services to a high standard.

Our team does not only install drainage in Maidstone and the surrounding areas, we also provide drainage repairs. If you have cracked pipes of any other damage to your drains, our team can sort these out for you.

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