Groundwork Contractors
in Bromley, Tonbridge and the Surrounding Areas

Are you in the need of reliable groundwork contractors? Our team completes many different groundworks for our clients, covering Sevenoaks, Croydon, Tonbridge, Bromley, Dartford and Maidstone. From foundations to driveways, our team works on all areas of groundworks for you. We work with both domestic and commercial clients on drainage, excavations and retaining walls. 

We go through each service we provide to give you a well-rounded view of what we can do for you.


With decades of experience, our team lays strong, durable foundations for our clients. We use the right type of foundation for each project, to ensure it can handle the weight of the structure. Laying foundations correctly is vital to the health of your build. That is why you should leave it to the professionals. 

Below is a list of the types we offer:

  • Strip Foundations
  • Trench Filled Foundations
  • Piled Foundations
  • Raft Foundations


When you are working on a new project you will need excavation for different elements of the build. Our groundwork contractors provide excavation for projects of any size. No job is too big for our team. From basement excavation to foundation trenches, our team can get this done for you. We are able to excavate many different materials. With a Waste Carriers license we can remove, not only soil but also other waste material from your site.


Retaining Walls

South East Groundworks Ltd offers retaining walls to our clients in Sevenoaks, Bromley, Dartford, Tonbridge, Croydon, Maidstone and the nearby areas. They are near-vertical or vertical structures aimed at preventing a material, such as soil from flower beds, from slipping or collapsing. 

We offer the four main types of retaining walls, listed below:

  • Sheet Pile Retaining Walls
  • Cantilever Retaining Walls
  • Gravity Retaining Walls 
  • Reinforced Soil Retaining Walls


When constructing foundations for our clients, we ensure that the site has the correct drainage. This can also include the integration of culverts. We also work on drainage repairs including, but not limited to, blockages and patch lining. This is a very important system to maintain for your home. If you do not have adequate drainage, pooling water can cause damage to many aspects of your property.



Our groundwork contractors lay driveways that suit your property and the surrounds. Working with a design and material of your choice, we work meticulously to ensure you get the result you want. We can make use of concrete, tarmac or block paving to lay your driveway. Block paving is an excellent choice as it can be laid in different designs. It can look good whilst still being functional and durable. If you ever have damage to one of the blocks, we can simply lift it and replace it, offering you an easily maintained option.

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