Foundation Installers
in Croydon, Maidstone and the Surrounding Areas

When it comes to foundations you should make use of professional foundation installers. Our team has decades of experience working on many types of foundations. We are based in Sevenoaks, operating in Bromley, Dartford, Croydon, Tonbridge, Maidstone and the nearby areas. Each member of our team is fully qualified to provide solid foundations for your new project. We will work on the excavation too. As licensed waste carriers we will also remove any waste we produce throughout our work. 

We are going to go through all of the types of foundations we work on.


The Importance of Strong Foundations

We all know what the foundation is for. It is there to hold up a structure, ensuring it remains upright. Consequently, there is a serious danger to anyone living or working in a building if the foundation is constructed poorly. Our foundation installers use high quality materials to provide a structurally sound and strong foundation.

Strip Fill Foundations

This is the most commonly used type of foundation for properties in the UK. We dig trenches to 150mm deep and fill with concrete. This will create a concrete strip around the outline of the property. You can take a look at our previous work to see the results of our services.

Our experts determine the thickness of the concrete by looking at the soil conditions and design of the building. If the site of your project is sloping, we will make use of steps on the foundations to ensure they are level.  

We suggest strip foundations for builds on softer soils, since this spreads the load of the building over a larger area.

Trench Fill Foundations

We use this type of foundation when working with self-builders or commercial clients. Trench fill foundations avoid the need for laying bricks below the ground. Before working on foundations, we also deal with the bulk excavation for the site. 

Our foundation installers pour the concrete to within 150mm of ground level. This will save you time on your build. 

These foundations need to, ideally, be laid in chalk or clay soils. This is because the soil on the side of the trenches need to be firm.

Piled Foundations

We work on piled foundations for our clients in Sevenoaks, Bromley, Dartford, Croydon, Tonbridge, Maidstone and the nearby areas. With this type of foundation, we build vertical piles into the ground and fill them with concrete. This is the most logical option for building on water or wet soil.

Raft Foundations

Raft foundations are built to float on the ground where you plan to build. If your property is in an area that is prone to flooding, this is the right choice of foundation for you. It will help prevent any damage to your property from severe weather.

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