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Have you ever considered demolishing a building to make way for a home, or offices? Do you need a professional to come in and complete it for you? We are here to help. There are many reasons you may need demolition services in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Croydon, Bromley, Dartford, Maidstone or the nearby areas. For example, the lifespan of the building coming to an end, to the need for a new and different type of building. South East Groundworks Ltd offers all elements of the process to our clients. This ensures that we streamline the process.

We go through the services we offer through each stage of demolishing a structure.


Risk Assessment

There are many risks associated with the demolishing of structures. Our groundworks team is skilled in identifying these risks and assessing them. Below are the elements we look at when completing a risk assessment:

  • Falls
  • Fire
  • Hazardous Materials 
  • Noise and Vibrations 
  • Connected Services 
  • Uncontrolled Collapses
  • Worker Involvement
  • Falling Materials

Tools for Demolition

There are many tools used for demolition. Each tool can demolish buildings or different areas of a building. There are many different elements of a building that need to be demolished and so our team will do it stage by stage. 

To view the results of some of our projects, look at our previous work completed in Sevenoaks, Tonbridge, Croydon, Bromley, Dartford, Maidstone or the nearby areas. 

At South East Groundworks Ltd we make use of non-explosive methods for demolishing structures. This type does not make use of explosives, instead using tools and machinery to demolish the structure. When required we make use of manual demolition. 

The different tools used are:

  1. Sledge Hammers - This tool is used to demolish smaller elements such as a column or a wall in a building.
  2. Bulldozers and Excavators – These are large machines that demolish small sized buildings, such as sheds, garages or small homes.
  3. High Reach Excavators – These would be used for tall buildings where explosives cannot be used. We have many different attachments for our excavator to ensure the job is safe and sufficient.

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