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The Importance of Adequate Drainage and Maintenance

Drainage is a very important element on any property. Usually, foundation installers will ensure adequate underground drainage before they move forward. Inadequate drainage can lead to many issues for your home, so it is important to get it right. Furthermore, if there is damage to your drainage, it is imperative that you contact groundwork contractors to perform drainage repairs. Failure to maintain your system can result in structural damage. This could lead to demolition and in turn a rebuild. In addition, bulk excavation for roads or other infrastructure could lead to drain damage. If this happens, you need to make sure you contact the professionals for excavation and repairs in Dartford. 

We go through the many reasons adequate drainage and maintenance is important.

How Drainage Should be Installed

Underground drainage is an unseen hero on many properties. After excavation takes place, specific trenches are dug for drainage pipes to be laid. Foundation installers need to ensure drainage systems are in place before they can do their part. When our groundwork contractors install drainage systems, we make sure that they can be accessed for inspection or testing. This ensures we can easily assess damage and make drainage repairs when necessary.

Why Drainage is Important

There are many reasons why drainage is important on your property in Dartford. Having adequate drainage can reduce damage that can eventually lead to the possible demolition of structures. Below are the reasons why adequate drainage is important:

Adequate drainage ensures that water has a place to go. When water accumulates in outdoor spaces it can cause many issues for your garden. Depending on how waterlogged your garden is it may lead to bulk excavation to remedy it. With indoor spaces such as basements, inadequate drainage systems could lead to eventual flooding. Our groundwork contractors ensure we install the appropriate drainage system to prevent this.

Water accumulating due to bad drainage, can lead to soil erosion in Dartford and the surrounding areas. Adequate drainage will ensure that your topsoil does not get washed away. This in turn will keep your plant life healthy through the nutrient rich soil.

When it comes to the foundations of your home, our foundation installers will ensure there is adequate drainage. If the drainage is not up to standard water can flow into your foundations. Over time this can lead to cracks or fractures, causing a collapse. If this happens, demolition would have to be conducted on the foundation. This would in turn need bulk excavation to re-lay foundations and install drainage.

Importance of Drainage Maintenance

Drainage maintenance is very important in Dartford. Over time pipes may become cracked or crushed. Conducting drainage repairs is vital to ensure bigger issues do not occur. Noticing when there are changes in the drainage, such as slow drainage is important. As this could mean there is a problem. Whatever the issue, we come in to carry out an assessment and repairs, ensuring no bigger problems occur in the future.

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