Bulk Excavation and Drainage Repairs in Croydon
Preparation and Groundworks for Hard Landscaping

When you are planning a new patio or some new retaining walls, you need to know the preparation needed before these can be built. Experienced groundwork contractors can come in and take care of the groundworks for you. They provide bulk excavation, drainage repairs and demolition to prepare your garden for the changes you want to make. Foundation installers will come in after this to lay the foundation for any hard landscaping features you may want. 

From laying driveways to installing garden paths, our team goes through all of the preparation needed beforehand for projects in Croydon.

Hiring an Expert

In any aspect of life being prepared is always important. Well, this is the same with groundworks. When you are preparing an area for hard landscaping it is vital that you make use of expert groundwork contractors. This will ensure each job is completed to a high standard, whether it be the demolition of an existing driveway or bulk excavation of the site. 

You may need drainage repairs or installations, helping to avoid a waterlogged garden or water pooling on your driveway. This is something South East Groundworks Ltd provides. We are also experienced foundation installers, ensuring your new patio or other surface has strong foundations.

Getting all of these done correctly before your hard landscaping projects start will be beneficial. This is because if these elements are prepared incorrectly, your new feature will not last.

Our Groundwork Process

When we approach a new project, we determine all necessary tasks by conducting a site survey. Our groundwork contractors are able to complete many services in Croydon and the nearby areas, including demolition, bulk excavation and drainage repairs. 

We start by demolishing anything that needs to be removed from the area. Once this is complete, we will excavate and remove the materials necessary, such as topsoil, rock and waste materials. We ensure the ground is level and any trenches for foundations are dug. 

Our foundation installers will then come in to lay the foundation for the new structure. This will hold the weight of the structure evenly. Once the foundation is laid, we ensure any drainage issues are repaired or we add new drainage systems. This is the final stage before your new hard landscaping feature can start taking shape.


We ensure that we install sustainable drainage for driveways, also known as SuDs. At South East Groundworks Ltd we do not only offer the drainage for driveways; we can also lay them for you. We work with both block paving, tarmac and concrete in Croydon and the surrounding areas. All of these options offer many benefits in their own way.

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