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and the Nearby Areas | The Importance of Foundations

You probably think that the foundations of a building only serve one purpose. We are going to go through the importance of foundations. This will give you a wider view of why they are so important. Our groundwork contractors and foundation installers have decades of experience. We want to share some of the knowledge we have gained over the years. We offer many different groundwork services to our clients in Bromley and the nearby areas. These include bulk excavation, demolition and drainage repairs.

Below we detail the different factors that make foundations important.

What are Foundations?

When you are building any type of structure and you do not give it foundation. You are asking for disaster. Foundations are the most important part of a building. They are usually made up of reinforced concrete. This will withstand the weight of the building and distribute it evenly. As a result, foundations keep a building stable over the time it will be standing. 

Before your foundation is laid, our groundworks contractors will start with the demolition of any existing structure that needs to be removed. We will then do bulk excavation. Once this is complete, we carry out any necessary drainage repairs.

Benefits of Well-Built Foundations

The most obvious, and biggest, benefit of well-built foundations is supporting the buildings’ weight. However, as our foundation installers explain, they offer many more benefits than just being a base. 

One benefit of correctly installed foundations is that they offer a barrier between ground water and the building. This decreases the likelihood of damp or mould in the lower levels of the building. It is important to reduce both of these because either of them could decrease the structural integrity of the building.

To ensure foundations are laid correctly, our groundwork contractors in Bromley and the surrounding areas perform necessary demolitions, bulk excavations and drainage repairs before installing foundations.

Storm Damage

When there is a storm with high winds, having a strong foundation will ensure your house avoids lateral movements. The foundations may not be considered the part of the home that keeps it standing in a violent storm. Most people assume that the materials that make up the walls and roof are the ones to thank, they’re not. If your walls and roofing are built with the most durable materials, they could still collapse in a strong storm, if the foundation isn’t installed correctly. 

Our foundation installers ensure that we complete quality and durable foundations for your project. This avoids any damage any damage that could be caused by natural elements.


Many areas in the South East are prone to flooding when there are big storms. When a serious flood occurs, the foundations of your home will keep the structure standing. This ensures you have a home when the flooding subsides. Our groundwork contractors can help you after flooding, by installing the correct drainage systems in Bromley and the nearby areas.

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